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TR Series Forester Splitting Wedge Combo Axe

TR Series Forester Splitting Wedge Combo Axe

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Introducing The Forester, our new TR Axe: a midsize 3 lb., 4140 alloy steel head with a double bit axe/splitter combo, on a 23" or 27" American hickory handle.

Our newest addition to the TR Axe family series is the Forester, a double bit axe/splitting wedge combo. Rather than two virtually identical blades opposing each other that have the same function, we've added a 4" long, 30 degree wedge designed specifically for splitting logs with ease. At 3lbs., the Forester is an axe you can swing all day, easily pack and transport. Made with 4140 alloy steel and through-hardened for both toughness and superior edge retention. This newest member of the Hardcore family comes with our lifetime guarantee against defects and is available with both 23 and 27" American hickory handles. Proudly made in the USA!

The Forester is named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt's Chief Forester, Gifford Pinchot and his impact on American forestry. Pinchot was the head of the Division of Forestry and was named Chief Forester of the new US Forest Service under President Roosevelt. During Pinchot's time in government service and as Chief Forester, the number of national forests grew from 32 to 149, totaling more than 193 million acres.

National forest management was guided by Pinchot’s principle, “the greatest good of the greatest number in the long run.”
"... among the many, many public officials who under my administration rendered literally invaluable service to the people of the United States, Gifford Pinchot on the whole, stood first." --Theodore Roosevelt

*leather sheath included - Natural heads come with brown, FNC Heads come with black

Head weight: 3 lbs.
Overall head length: 9"
Bit size: 4"
Wedge size: 4" (l) X 1.5" (w) x 2.25" (h)

Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Charles L
Did not recieve order

I did not receive my order !!!

Hello Charles,

Your order shows delivered back on 3/25. We would suggest asking around the office to see who grabbed it for you. Here is the tracking info for you. 1ZG514A10339263587

Hardcore Support

Joseph Song
Incredible craftsmanship!

True to American made quality! I love my new axe.

Roy Warner

Very well made, both the ax and hatchet came sharp enough to shave with!!!

Lee Anderson
TR axe and Survivalist hatchet

I got the Survivalist hatchet and the TR axe. I've only spent a day swinging them, so these are my first impressions. The hatchet handle seemed a little long at first, but after some time, I appreciated that I could easily two-hand it. But it's a little too light for my taste. I'd rather it were a 24 oz. head.

I got the axe with the 27" handle, but that counts the head-length, too. I felt it was a little short at first, but while felling a tree in a crowded area, it was nice not to have to cope with extra length. The splitter on the axe works fine, but the handle is so wide near the head, the handle gets marred if your aim hits the center of the log. I would prefer the splitter be a little wider, and the head a little heavier. YMMV

I'm giving 5 stars because my nit-picks are about idiosyncratic preferences. I'll probably be grateful for the lighter weight when we take these tools back-country. The build quality is excellent, the tools are beautiful, and everything is exactly as promised. There was even a nice, hand-written "thank you" note in the box. Both tools came with sharp edges, and after a few hours hacking at hardwoods, they both felt as sharp as when I started. I'm curious what heat-treatment they're using, and the resulting hardness, as I understand 4140 steel can have various properties depending on the tempering.

TR Series

Needs a longer handle.