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Survivalist Hatchet

Survivalist Hatchet

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Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet, 19oz head on 18″ American Hickory curved handle, includes custom made leather sheath.

This is it. This is the culmination of all we’ve learned about the craft of tool making. And we believe it’s the pinnacle of hatchet design. Made from top quality 4140 tool steel (AKA “Ordnance steel” because it’s commonly used for making breech and barrel parts for guns and cannons) for both toughness and edge retention, and ground to within a +/-.005″ tolerance, we designed the curved blade for both optimal cutting and splitting wood. We’ve also incorporated a nail/tent stake puller and the hammer end (of course) has our patented recessed striking face. At 19oz on an 18″ handle, it’s perfectly balanced for any job, whether it’s pounding nails, chopping and splitting firewood, or fending off the impending zombie apocalypse. ('Cause we all know its coming. And now it’s official Kansas preparedness policy. True story!) This premium hatchet cuts like a full size axe yet is small enough to fit in a backpack.

Made in the USA

Head Weight: 19 oz.
Head Dimensions: 3.5" blade, 5.5" length (start of blade to hammer end), 1.25" x 1.25" waffled hammer end
Handle Length: 18 in.
Total Weight: 40 oz.

leather sheath included - Natural heads come with brown, FNC Heads come with black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
jeff barba
Best Hatchet I Have EVER Owned!!!

This hatchet lives up to its reputation and its name. It is truly Hard Core!! It is exactly as described and worth every penny! Tbh, I was a bit skeptical ordering a product I hadn’t seen for myself. But I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. A big shout out to Corporals Corner!!! Thanks for putting me on to this amazing product. Cheers!!! Jeff

Shaun Carl
All round tool

When I got it, it was sharp, but I made it scary sharp and now it chops and does shavings to start a fire to cook. But all round great investment.

Caleb Fasching
American Quality

Great product. Presentation of shipping box and packing was great. I really like how the logos are stamped into the head, not printed on. Love the US made products. They are a little pricey but, you get what you pay for. The hatchet feels well balanced and crafted. It’s extremely sharp right out of the box so, be careful. Excellent product. I would recommend it.

James Mobley
Quality vs Price

I was very excited to get this hatchet. I actually added the extra shipping cost in the purchase to get it in the advertised 2 days for priority shipping. 7 days later, I received it. Don’t pay for expedited shipping.

I am pleased with the overall hatchet.

I am looking forward to putting it through the paces and see how it holds up.

The fit and finish does leave some to be desired for a $150 hatchet. The handle I received is 45 degree grain direction with very minor run out. There is a gap at the front between (in the eye) the head and handle of about 1/16”. It sits proud of the head in the front (towards the cutting edge) and is recessed into the head at the back(towards the hammer poll) There is wood curl at the bottom of the head. Not much, but enough that I will trim it myself to prevent the crack in the handle that will eventually occur as a result.

The head itself , a minor chip in the edge(absolutely cosmetic). The shaping was done with 80 grit or lower sander on the top of the head (fairly deep gouges). The edge is also done with very coarse grit. The edge and shoulder is symmetrical though. I guess you would call that a quality fast grind?

There is a very odd center line that runs through the hammer poll and underneath the hatchet head section. At first glance it looks like the head was poured in a mold, then at second glance..looking in the nail puller looks like there two halves of the head! A left side and a right side. Of all the axes and hatchets I own..I have never seen this. At this point I don’t know if it’s negative or not.
All in all, it’s probably decent, just not what I expected.

James Mobley

Helen Reddick
I love it

We bought this as a camp tool

The card & sticker was a nice touch

The band aid was a perfect reminder that this is sharp