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TR Series Pioneer Axe with Pick

TR Series Pioneer Axe with Pick

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Introducing the newest variation of our TR Axe series, the Pioneer. This one has a 3" pick on the poll end designed for a myriad of tasks, from an easy hook, pull and pickup tool working with firewood, to breaking new ground and digging out rocks, or a forcible entry the next time your kids lock the keys inside. And, of course, our personal favorite, the impending zombie apocalypse. We all know it's coming, the internet says so! The 4" bit is perfect for cutting, chopping, and splitting. And at just 2.5 lbs., this is an axe you easily pack, carry, and swing away with all day.

So the next time you find something that needs a 3" steel spike rammed into it, pick up your Pioneer TR Axe and swing (carefully) away. You'll be the envy of the neighbors, if you still have any...

The Pioneer is available on your choice of a 23" or 27" American hickory handle, in our various finish options.

leather sheath included - Natural heads come with brown, FNC Heads come with black

Head weight: 2.5 lbs.
Overall head length: 9"
Bit size: 4"
Pick length: 3"
4140 hardened steel

Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

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An Honest Review

I will say that this pioneer axe (for me personally) is the perfect weight balance. This Bit Bites! I swing pretty hard and prefer shorter handles due to packing in rucks but I honestly can’t tell with how this thing eats wood. Better than my other comparable axes (Council, Huks, etc) which I’ll be honest, surprised me. Straight out the box into splitting some hard wood and then felling a 24” diameter pine was much easier than anticipated. I’ve found my axe company!

The way this thing eats I’ll probably end up with one of each product eventually.

One more thing to add that is underrated and overlooked. Customer service is by far the best I’ve dealt with in many many years in any industry.

To the Harcore Hammer team, please don’t ever change.

James Setzer
Incredible sharpness and perfect weight!

I am super happy with my pioneer axe. The quality of craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail are evident. Put to work last week and this week clearing brush, thickets, and saplings. Perfect length for confined spaces!

Ben Wilson

I honestly don’t know how this axe could be any better. It’s exactly what I needed.

Bushman 2023
Great Axe!

What a great Axe. Love the pick for grabbing and dragging things. Saves my back for sure. Not sure how this one could get better.