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Fuck Around and Find Out 24" Blackout 3LB Breeching Axe

Fuck Around and Find Out 24" Blackout 3LB Breeching Axe

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When one of our SWAT customers came to us and asked us to make a breaching axe we of course agreed. 

We combined our 3LB Raptor Head with FNC treated 4140 steel with our 24" Grade A hickory handle to create a beast. We included our black leather sheath to keep the razor sharp blade at bay. 

Words and Pictures do not do this one justice. Those at the NRA outdoor show got to see this one in person

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Customer Reviews

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Daughter loves it

I got the axe for yule for my daughter, and she loves it. I prefer a 36 inch handle, and they say they'll make one custom for me. They'll make a life long customer if they keep this up.

This Beauty is on my Nephews Christmas List.

His dad is a royal piece of work and deserves a couple hits from this thing but that’s here not there. He’s interested in trades work and doesn’t have any tools yet. He saw me browsing the other day and was amazed at the reviews and craftsmanship of this beast. Unfortunately, unexpected family expenses are preventing me from affording one for him. Whenever I get the funds, my nephew will be a proud owner of this beautiful piece of work.


Superb balance and craftsmanship!! Timeless message!

Jay Gregory

Delivered on time and very satisfied with the craftsmanship will be buying another. Great Christmas gift.

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Chris H
This thing is bad ass

I love the overly heavy head on a short hatchet handle. This thing isn't built for long periods of use. It's built for absolutely destroying shit as quickly as possible. If you need to break something in a hurry, like a door for instance, look no further. One good swing and the energy created by the heavy head is devastating to its target. Basically,whatever it hits, will no longer exist. Also the fact that it has the saying on it, "fuck around and find out" is just super cool. Especially in my case as I have the initials FAFO on most anything I own that causes destruction. Things like my custom chainsaw, the handle of my Glock, and a few other things I'll leave unmentioned. It fit right in. Then, as if it wasn't sweet enough, it's a limited edition from one of the coolest companies around. HH has served me for a very long time now for good reason. If you're in the trades, and you don't already own a HH 2.0, you are missing out. If you do, then you know what I'm talking about. In any case, pick this thing up, even if you don't have a use for it. You could keep this thing under your pillow for home defense if nothing else.

I'd also like to tell the other reviewer above, Stephen Varlas, that I and I'm sure "we" appreciate your uncensored service. I'd like to pay for your hole maker, thing destroyer if you'd let me. No hero on the force that long should have to pay for their own havock creator when retiring. If you are Stephan, and you're reading this, please get ahold of HH and direct them to this review. They can reach me and I'll take it from there.


I'm sorry, but the only pic I have of my hatchet is one in its sling, and I'm not home to take another, and won't be for awhile. That's the custom chainsaw where you can see the FAFO lettering. And the hot chick is just there because I know the customers of HH will appreciate her and all she does for this great country. God bless America and her.