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Camp Companion Signature First Edition - SOLD OUT

Camp Companion Signature First Edition - SOLD OUT

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Over 8 months of collaboration with Shawn Kelly from Corporal’s Corner  created this masterpiece.  The Camp Axe category is changed forever. 

In honor of this we created a special launch edition.  There will be only 70 made bearing Shawn Kelly’s signature etched in the handle and the Corporal’s Corner etched on the side of the head.  

This new masterpiece features:

26oz 4140 steel head

14” Grade A Hickory Handle

Brown Top Grain Leather Sheath


When the 70 are gone so is the signature edition. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jason Austin

Over all fit and finish is high. Still need to set it to work.

Rick G
Corporals Corner First Edition Camp Companion

Would I Buy It Again: Yes

Is it A Safe Queen: Yes

First Impressions:
A) Attention to detail in the manufacturing process - Very High

B) Seems to be Investment Cast (I’m thinking that’s why the Corporal talks about it being x-ray’ed)

C) Very nice large hammer head face

D) Very nice blade shape (Shaving Sharp)

E) Very high attention to detail attaching handle to axe head

Recommendations for 2nd Generation:
I personally think the Axe manufacturing community is heading in the right direction by having the axe poll hardened. What I’m not seeing, is allowing the handle to be replaced in the field. If the handle could be replaced in the field and the investment casting can take a beating (Didn’t see any Hardcore Hammer video of their product taking a beating in the FAQ section) you would have an awesome product.

Richard Goad
Lifetime Axe

i saw Hardcore Hammers in the Indianapolis NRA convention and nearly bought one of the camp axes on the spot. The workmanship is evident in the casting, the finish, the handle, and how they are mated. FWIW, I like to care for my equipment although I do use it in rough conditions. Yet I still have the first axe I got when I was 9 years old. I expect my grandchildren to get this axe you made.

Thomas Shelquist
Thomas Shelquist

I do love your ax it works great.
I would tell everyone to buy one.

Looks great

Have not had a chance to give it a workout yet. Hope to do it soon