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B Stock Survivalist Hatchet with Natural Steel Head

B Stock Survivalist Hatchet with Natural Steel Head

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This is our best selling Survivalist Hatchet that may just have a small flaw preventing them from being perfect.

Typical flaws include small dimples, imperfect logo stamp, grinding marks,  etc. Some may not even be noticeable. 

Razor Sharp 4140 FNC Raw Steel Head

Grade A Hickory Handle

Custom Brown Leather Sheath

100% Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great gift!

Bought for my father to carry on his tractor and SxS when he’s working on their property. He loved it. He even said “holy shit, they really do put a bandaid in the box!” 🤣👊🇺🇸

Juan Garcia
Best Hatchet Ever

The quality of this tool is better than any I’ve ever used. Only a couple grind marks visible, which was completely fine. I’ve used the f**k out of this tool and it’s held up so well! 100 percent would recommend!

B Stock

Got my new B stock hatchet. Looks perfect to me. Looking forward to giving it a workout. Fast delivery. Nice craftsmanship

Andrew Jacobson
Great hatchet

Arrived fast, can't see why its a b list item. Love that it came with a bandaid and sticker!

Jon S.
Good Value

Could not identify the blemish. Looking forward to using the tool.